A ready-made training solution

TAP Advance

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  • Easy, affordable & fun.
    Start learning and growing right away on our online platform.
  • Advance your business.
    Spend 45 minutes and complete a block of training or drop in for a few minutes, once or twice a week.
  • Empower your people.
    Build foundational skills, create onboarding processes, encourage a daily activity plan, or further develop your leaders.

TAP Advance is a learning web app that brings a totally new approach to personal and professional development. And the best part is, learning with TAP is easy!

TAP Advance Foundational is a ready-made solution filled with over 500+ bite sized pieces of training for the Direct Sales Professional that will meet them wherever they are on their journey. You can add customized industry specific training to TAP Advance Professional to help your employees solve organizational problems, hone specific skills, and increase productivity. Or choose, to take a completely customized approach with TAP Advance Premium. Either way, over time, your people will begin to unlock their full potential which will advance your business!

“Investing in TAP Advance is one of the greatest things you can do for your business!”
Isabelle Terry
Sales Education Manager, Mary Kay

Invest in growing your business.

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Facilitate a powerful event

TAP Events

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  • Captivate your audience.
    Engage your audience with a powerful event that delivers a strong message, creates excitement, and builds momentum.
  • Influence behaviours.
    Our Accountability Partners are experienced facilitators who can help you deliver your message with an inspirational delivery.
  • Inspire your people.
    Our TAP partners include an established global event production team that will take simple or complicated ideas and breathe them to life.

Events are a unique opportunity to inspire and empower your people. It is a way to deepen connections. Teams, customers, and prospects can often benefit from attending your event and it is a powerful way to move your organization forward.

Whether you are doing a product launch, team building, recognition, or professional development it is important to leverage your opportunity to influence behaviours through learning so that it can lead to growth.

"During our event, the TAP team kept our franchisees engaged, energized and prepared to conquer their businesses."
Jacqui Jepson
Founder & President, The Pink Wand Cleaning Services

Engage and energize your people.

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Experience a transformation

Training Programs

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  • Create the narrative.
    Work closely with our Accountability Partners to identify your organization’s training needs and create a custom narrative that fits your culture.
  • Align your learning objectives and goals.
    Solidify the purpose of your program, confirm the learning objectives, and make sure it aligns with your goals. We will creatively assist in incorporating key threads and create specific calls to action that will lead to desired outcomes as you measure success.
  • Experience a healthy culture.
    Whether you are looking to create a program from the ground up, or customize one that already exists, we can help!

TAP understands that by growing individuals we are growing businesses. Providing opportunities for training and personal growth can lead to long term success and sustainability.

We give companies the opportunity to implement powerful training programs without having to break their budgets by hiring large teams to create and implement. We have experienced instructional designers, trainers and facilitators that can build and facilitate a custom training program that will lead to extraordinary results.

“This program has been life-changing. Thank you for providing such a safe place for me to learn and grow.”
EvolYOUtion Attendee
Ev•o•lu•tion Empire (Monat)

Create impact.

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Experience leadership, self-development, and growth


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  • A psychologically safe place.
    TAP’s pre-designed workshops create an experience that focuses on the learner’s journey and promotes personal leadership.
  • Two-way important conversations.
    We use a balanced approach of training (transferring knowledge) and facilitating (skillfully guiding). This is a two-way conversation that makes space for curious questions and moments of reflection.
  • Experience growth.
    We will guide your participants in valuable conversations that encourage engagement, framing discussions that will point learners in the right direction. Applying this new knowledge, they will experience self-development and growth.

Live workshops are some of the most effective methods of training. They provide an excellent opportunity to address the need for change or can help teach a specific skill. They create opportunities for both engagement and reflection and equips the learner for development and growth.

We learn best by doing things ourselves. In our interactive workshops, our facilitators will skillfully allow the participant to take part in their own learning which consists of learning, growing, and sharing.

“The group discussions were very valuable, interactive and fun and our learners took away something from every topic.”
Leadership Workshop Attendee
The Shell Scotford Complex (Royal Dutch Shell)

Be learners.

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Learn something new or address something that isn’t working


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  • Address your team’s needs
    Choose from a wide range of TAP topics or create a customized (live or on-demand) webinar to address your team’s training needs.
  • No topic is off the table
    We can talk about anything from onboarding, technical training, skill building, personal leadership, product information, safety, compliance, organizational culture, diversity and inclusion, or professional development.
  • From the comfort of your device
    Typically, 45-60 minutes in length, virtual webinars can be delivered for any size team all from the comfort of your device.

Does your team need to learn something new or address something that isn’t working? Our webinars provide critical or relevant information to your team that is engaging and informative in an easy and accessible online format.

Communicate in a clear and concise manner, provide clear answers, and define expectations. Action alone isn’t enough; you must take the right action to experience the results you want. Allow us to help you define your message. With our workshops your reach is unlimited.

“The TAP Let's Talk About webinar series helped me move forward during a time of so much uncertainty.”
Monika Hawkins

Move forward during uncertainty.

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Identify what's holding you back and what will propel you forward


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  • Invite accountability
    Stay accountable to the goals you set by exploring what’s holding you back or what will propel you forward, in a safe space.
  • Identify blind spots
    You may know where you want to go, but you may not always know how to get there. Create a unique environment that will help you identify and navigate blind spots, become more self-aware, and address challenges.
  • Experience a deeper level of learning
    Learn more about yourself and how others perceive you.

Each person’s journey is unique. Choose the coaching package that is right for you depending on your needs and challenges, your budget, where you want to go and how quickly you want to get there.

Our coaches create a psychologically safe place that will help you identify and navigate blind spots, become more self-aware and address specific challenges. You may know where you want to go, but you may not always know how to get there. Our virtual coaching sessions provide flexibility so that you can tailor it to your specific needs. This allows us to empower you in ways that matter.

“TAP coaching has gone beyond my expectations… it has provided me clarity, confidence, and alignment!”
Janeth Vasquez

Get clear and confident.

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