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“How do I continue to grow my business online?"

Serena Warkentine

Direct Sales Professional

“After 25 years in business, our needs have changed…”

Aimée Barnabé

Owner, Smile Productions

"I want to build a strong foundation that positions me for success."

Katerina Geertsen

Direct Sales Professional

“I have multiple priorities; how do I prioritize my to-do list?"

Beverly Barker

Owner, Stil Boutique + Beauty Inc.

How we can help you.

TAP Advance
Boost your business with our ready-made training solution created for the Direct Sales Professional.
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Discover what is holding you back and what will propel you forward.
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Events & Keynotes
Facilitate powerful events and inspire the lives of your audience.
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Create a reflective experience for your team that promotes personal leadership, self-development, and growth.
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Training Programs
Let us help you identify your organization's training needs and experience a cultural transformation.
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Learn something new or address something that isn’t working.
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Jacqui Jepson

President, The Pink Wand
"Having access to a resource like TAP in my early days would have helped me scale quicker."

Lindsay Hilton & Nicole Leech

Directors, MONAT
"Both Lindsay and I feel confident about directing our teams to TAP with the assurance that our teams will learn and grow."

Dr. Troy Amdahl & Dr. Dave Braun

Best Selling Authors & Founders of Oola
"We think TAP is amazing! Tapping into their potential while inspiring others to do the same, is completely OOLA"

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