TAP Advance
Our learning environment brings you a totally new approach to personal and professional development. Learning with TAP is easy!

Spend 45 minutes and complete a block of training or drop in for 5 minutes, once or twice a week. Either way, over time, you’ll begin to unlock your full potential by mastering an entire subject or work through a challenge you’re facing, one clear step at a time.
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Sometimes self-help is not enough. One-on-one coaching can propel you forward like nothing else can. Our coaches can help you identify and navigate through blind spots. We want to create a unique environment where you can address things very specific to you and your journey.
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Live workshops are some of the most effective methods of training. We learn best by doing things ourselves. In our workshops, our facilitators will skillfully bring you through a process that allows you to learn and try things yourself.
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Training Programs
Whether you know what you need, or need help figuring that out, we can serve you. You may be looking to build a program from the ground up, or customize a program that already exists, either way we can assist you and your teams.
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Do you want to facilitate a powerful event? Work with our Keynote speakers to activate new engagement, create a little excitement and give your message third party validation. Our Accountability Partners genuinely want to help inspire and transform lives, and they are good at it!
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Learn something new, address something that isn’t working, or develop a new skill set, all from the comfort of your own living room or office. Typically, 45-60 minutes in length, virtual webinars can be arranged for any size team to address any topic.
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