November 17, 2021


Last week TAP facilitated a webinar for one of our Accountability Programs. We discussed Core Values and how important they are in helping us find our path, not just as individuals, but as businesses and organizations.

Personally, sitting very high on my list are:

  • Authenticity
  • Transparency
  • Trust

(You can find TAP’s top 6 Core Values on our About Us page.

Trust has been a hot topic at TAP lately.

  1. How important is trust?
  2. How do I build trust?
  3. What do I do that breaks trust?
  4. When trust is broken how much damage is done?
  5. Can my business or relationship survive if trust has been broken.
  6. What does trust have to do with it anyway?

Think about a personal relationship that has been compromised by broken trust. Perhaps the situation was created by us or happened to us. Broken trust can cause temporary or permanent damage.

But what about in business? Do we need to be mindful about creating and maintaining trust? Do we really need to hold ourselves to such high standards?

The lack of insight on this topic is astounding! Working with entry level to senior level leaders on a daily basis, it is evident that trust is integral to building a sustainable business.

If you have lost the trust of your partner, client, colleagues or customers your business could be at risk. The great news is that other values can help repair it! Transparency goes a long way, even after a mistake has been made.

When you are sitting in a meeting with your team, and you know trust has been broken and damage is evident, being transparent can often provide a starting point for the hard conversation. As a leader, creating a platform for open dialogue is incredibly powerful and important.

Don’t bury your head in the sand! Be intentional about building trust and be aware of when it has been broken. A good leader actively pursues conversations that build trust.

Mistakes are inevitable, it’s what you do after them that defines you as a leader!

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