November 30, 2021

The TAP Spotlight with Janeth Vasquez

A big part of our dream for TAP comes from a desire to encourage, inspire, and celebrate people and organizations who are tapping into their potential. We decided to create the TAP SPOTLIGHT, a monthly focus on individuals or companies that are using their gifts, talents, and resources to make a difference.

Janeth, the spotlight's on you!

"I often look back on my life and think "How on earth did I get where I am today?!" I'm not saying this because of money, possessions, great titles or fame. I don’t have that. I say this because as a child, I knew I didn’t have the ideal opportunities to get ahead. I grew up in an environment where life was difficult, and survival was the only goal. I lived in a country where political, economic, and social structures do not favor the common people, and dreaming seemed to be a waste of time. Looking back on what I have been through in my life, I can see how my path could have been completely different than it is today.

But upon reflecting, I realize that even in that environment I somehow did learn to dream. In fact, I was always a dreamy girl, influenced by teachers, mentors, and people that God put on my path. I learned that I had the potential to fulfill my dreams, big and small. My first dream was to finish high school and accomplished that by going to boarding school and working part time to finance my own tuition and living expenses. Then I pursued my second dream. I finished my university degree. And then immigrated to Canada and obtained my Canadian citizenship! I see these were great achievements and as I achieved them one by one I began to realize that nothing could stop me.

When my children arrived, with them came a deep desire to dedicate my time to their upbringing. So, I started a dayhome and my life began to revolve around them and the children that I had the opportunity to care for. These wonderful times brought great satisfaction to my life!

But as I made my children a priority, I forgot about myself and the dreams that once made my heart beat with joy. The satisfaction I had as a mother was contrasted by the emptiness of having no personal achievements or a least that's what I thought. While trying to make a side business work, I came across the phrase, 'Tap into your potential.' Deep inside I knew I had potential; I just didn’t know how to tap into it. I wanted to revive my life dreams and make them a reality. Instead, I was stagnant, full of doubt, and experiencing great difficulties and changes in my life. Could I really learn to tap into my potential?

I decided I’d commit to prioritizing my personal and spiritual development and for the last three years have been in the process of building the life of my dreams. Discovering and defining my core values through TAP’s coaching process has been life changing. Making decisions that support and align with who I am and what I want to accomplish, has made my journey clearer and the steps to get there doable.

Today I can say that I am on the right path. I have overcome trauma, limiting beliefs, and fears that were holding me back. Despite the challenges, I have been able to turn my passion into service for my community, all the while being the best mom I can be.

I invite you to look at your inner child and revive those dreams you once had! They are still possible! Dreams don’t die, they are simply waiting for you to reach them!"

Janeth is a single mom of two beautiful children. She runs two businesses, plus works full time! She has a heart for children and her community. She grew up in Colombia and earned her degree as a paramedic (EMT) and then moved to Canada in 2007. She then started her businesses in Alberta and began to fully tap into her potential. She has big goals and big dreams and inspires all those who know her!

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