November 30, 2021

The TAP Spotlight with Cornell Thomas

A big part of our dream for TAP comes from a desire to encourage, inspire, and celebrate people and organizations who are tapping into their potential. We decided to create the TAP SPOTLIGHT, a monthly focus on individuals or companies that are using their gifts, talents, and resources to make a difference.

Cornell, the spotlight's on you!

"Like most people, I spent a long period of my life drifting. I wasn’t lost, I just didn’t know what direction I was supposed to be headed. At first, I had my eye on the game. At sixteen years old, I picked up a basketball and was on a mission to become a professional basketball player. The only problem was, I never played the game before, and the bigger problem was that I sucked! The phrase 'Tap Into Your Potential' hits home for me, because there was a time that I didn’t know what my potential could be. All I had was my dream, and my purpose. I wanted to become a professional basketball player so my mother never had to work another day in her life.

I was practically born into adversity. When I was only four years old my father Bobby Thomas passed away from cancer, and his death forced my mom to become the breadwinner of the family, along with raising five kids alone. Who I am today is because of who my mom was in those times of turmoil. Seeing her navigate troubled waters with the faith that at some point the ocean would calm down is the reason my mindset is the way it is today. It’s also the reason I was able to bounce back after suffering a career altering injury a week before I was supposed to play professionally.

I pivoted to coaching basketball, but something inside me was saying there’s more to do. That’s what happens when you start realizing your potential. You start to become aware that the only limits we have, are the ones we convince ourselves exist. My speaking journey started with writing quotes, then blogs, and eventually books. I didn’t attend anyone’s speaking course or webinar, I just had the faith and determination to make this new dream a reality.

We never had the means to travel when I was younger. So, when I’m doing keynotes and workshops overseas, I always remind myself that all this happened for a reason. I appreciate the sun and the rain because it has led me to today. I will never forget sitting with Shannon in Times Square (NYC) when she first told me about TAP. The enthusiasm in her voice, and the fire in her eyes were enough for me to say, “I’m In” right there on the spot. TAP is special because the people who are behind it truly care about individuals and teams reaching their potential. It's not about us, it’s about you, and that’s not just rare, but extraordinary."

Cornell is an international speaker, 5X author, TEDx speaker, social entrepreneur, television host, professional speaking coach, app creator (Wake Up World), and creator of the Positivity Summit, which is a global event geared to bringing people together through their own unique stories. Now, you're probably thinking that this dude wears a lot of hats, but his favourite are those of husband and father.

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