November 17, 2021

Creating habits

"Make your bed daily" may sound like silly advice to you but stay with me for just a second. Creating habits that start your day with intention can completely change the game for you.

Don’t believe me? Try it!

I consistently started making my bed every day about 10 years ago. That simple habit helped me formulate other simple habits. I credit a lot of my success and happiness on those simple habits.

We are talking about setting and achieving goals this week in TAP Evol(you)tion Accountability Group and emphasizing how important it is to make that critical connection. What you do every day, how you do it, and how intentional you are, can be the difference between hitting the goal or completely missing the mark.

Some of my daily critical activities are:

  • Meditate
  • Make my bed
  • Plan my day and set my priorities

I do this every morning without exception, and they are the first things I do.

Your happiness is often dependent on your ability to effectively work towards your goal. Equally so, your inability to work towards your goal can negatively impact your self worth, which will affect your motivation.

Make a small change today:

Start your morning with intention and watch how you get one step closer to hitting that goal!

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