November 17, 2021


Did you ever think, if I just had a formula and knew exactly what to do, I could crush my goal, my business and my relationships! The Handbook to Success – perhaps I’ll write a book… oh wait, I believe there are several already!

The truth is that there are no magic pills.

Us entrepreneurs know how to dream, and we are willing to work for success but it’s the type of work that is required that hold many of us back. The type of work am I referring to is developing personally, and it needs a significant amount of effort and attention.

Some folks think they have already done it, or enough of it, or that it’s not what they need to grow their business. This seems to give them permission to think they can just skip the line to find success. Only a few people will work through the requirements diligently, and out of that group, fewer of them will actually get it and apply it.

The reason there are so few people who crush it though, is this. Those who get it and apply it need to do so consistently and long term. It is too easy to get distracted, to lose motivation, to let doubt creep in. This is where the truly successful separate themselves.

In order to create success that leads to sustainable growth (and I don’t mean the kind that experience no obstacles or challenges) you need to understand what is necessary, apply it, and then invite accountability to keep you going when it gets tough.

So, what is accountability exactly?

It is owning the responsibility of your own actions, successes, failures and consequences.

Some of the most frustrating times of our lives are when we don’t have control over an outcome. You may not like or accept the idea that taking ownership and inviting accountability is key to your success and happiness, but the idea that I control my own success is appealing to me. Imagine knowing and accepting responsibility for landing that big contract… or losing it.

Take ownership of your successes AND your failures and invite accountability along the way.

There is something freeing about a growth mindset. When you begin to own your outcome and understand you can control it, you can experience the freedom that comes with it. Instead of feeling frustrated that you can’t control the outcome, you can feel empowered to change the outcome next time. This ultimately leads to more happiness unless you aren’t “doing the do” in which case you then own the negative outcome of not getting the results you desire.

Your ability to adjust and repeat is necessary. Accountability requires a constant cycle of:

  • Discovery – Reflections & Assessment (what I did well, what I could do better), Knowing what is important to me (Core Values), Self Awareness (how well I know myself & am aware of how others perceive me)
  • Planning – Blocking my Day (DAP – Daily Activity Plan), Setting Goals & Action Steps, Commitment
  • Knowledge & Insight – What influences me and how I influence others, How I process (Decipher Information and Communication), Insight on what holds me back AND what accelerates me forward, The importance of building and maintaining trust
  • Skill Building – Honing the skills necessary to be successful (General examples: Prospecting, Digital Marketing, Leadership)
  • Sustainability – Measuring success long term, Creating a culture of accountability, Giving and Soliciting feedback, Adjusting

Are there successful people who don't take ownership and invite accountability? It is a great question worth pondering. I guess it comes down to how you measure success and is why, when I defined accountability, I added that it is the key to success and happiness.

When we cannot accept responsibility, we also can’t adjust and repeat. The game is over. Most of us do not reach the pinnacle of success on our first try without mistakes, and if we do manage to do so, maintaining it without accountability is even less likely.

Creating this accountability loop allows for you and your teams to navigate challenges and obstacles. It allows you to grow and learn from your successes and failures. It sets you and your business up for long term sustainable success and growth.

If you are interested in learning more about how to create personal accountability or create a culture of accountability in your business, please reach out to us on our Contact page and inquire about the Evol(you)tion program under the Training Programs solution.

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